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The Fierce Woman Inspirational
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Stories

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“Natalie Blake weaves together a tapestry of women’s life stories and thought-provoking questions to create a year-long devotional for Christian women. You’ll find The Fierce Woman Inspirational full of empowering insights.”


- Kaira Rouda, bestselling author of Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs

 “… Through the Fierce Woman book Natalie Marie Blake ignites a fire, fans the flame and encourages women from all walks of life to carry the torch and be the fierce woman God created us all to be!"

- Honorable Dr. Marlene Carson, Surthriver, U.S. Advisory Council on Trafficking

"Just like in Jenny Lusko’s book, “The Fight to Flourish,” encouraging women to walk daily with Christ, Natalie’s remarkable thought provoking book and journal of women’s inspirational stories filled with life’s valuable lessons and God’s word and His guidance, will lead you to a positive, productive, and confident life of strength and character."

- Suzi Hanna

"This book is a compilation of very real stories from women who have worked through challenging times. I gained insights and understanding from reading about their thoughts, fears and lessons learned. The workbook format encourages you to engage with the writer and add your own perspective and story. I finished the book, feeling a sense of acceptance and peace, knowing that most tough times work out in the long run. We just need to be patient, preserve and believe. A great bedside book that affirms our special strength as women."

- Eleanor Alvarez, CEO, LeaderStat and The Ganzhorn Suites

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