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A Mother's Strength

Mom it’s hard to say everything I feel

When I think of you in my life and the love that was forever sealed

The endless sacrifices and the hearts you healed

The hero on our rainy days

The proud look in your gaze

What you gave never went unnoticed

You instilled strong values deep in your kids

To make us thrive and learn to live

Silently you gave us core values and strength

Love, security, and protection at any length

There is something special about a mother’s love

It’s like it came from the heavens above

She’s always there to heal your wounds

To make you smile and feel good again soon

So, when you think you didn’t do enough

Be assured you gave us all your love

Hardships and hurts you helped us rise above

So glad we have this time together

Until one day we will part forever

But our love will be sealed I know

You will never really go!

Always watching over us and the seeds that we sew

Leading us down that right path so we grow

So, here’s to you mother and the hero you’ve been

You’re loved so much

From your daughter and best friend!

- With love Natalie

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