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A Smile in Disguise

I see your smile in a different light

You put on a smile to fight through the fight

I know it's not you deep inside

It's not like you to run and hide

You have a crushing heartache that seeps through your smile

Day by day is all you can do for a while

You try to be strong for your child at home

When you just want to run and be all alone

You think to yourself, can I crawl out of this dark hole?

Or will I be here until I grow old

But you have to carry-on

And let your life unfold

Trusting God has your heart in a deep hold

It seems like it will never end

This heartache that has become your friend

You Put your trust in God who calls on you

Another day you've made it through

As time passes by your heart gets lighter

The crushing world seems a little brighter

Your smile comes back with a radiant glow

Hope in the future starts to show!

You now realize you don't have to carry this heavy load

You and your child will head down a different road

The future is bright and love is ahead

Don't worry, my dear friend you will always have led

Opening the doors and looking over you in care

Angels will always be near

So go on with your life and bring back that big beautiful smile

Let the world see you've made it through those hard miles!

Natalie Blake

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