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Blanket of Snow

Isn’t it a beautiful site?

As Mother Nature removes the blanket of fall into the night

She replaces it with a silvery snow

That sparkles bright with diamonds that glow

The swirling colors of fall will disappear

Replaced by light bouncing on the snow and through the air

Creating a kaleidoscope of colors for show

A portrait as beautiful as a Van Gogh

The crystals of ice that hang from the trees

Decorate it from its roots to its leaves

As the light shines through the tree branches

Prisms of ice look like crystals dancing

It’s like the earth is decorated with Christmas trees

As wafts of snow float gently in the breeze

As I look in the distance what do I see

Kids laughing and playing with such glee

They jump on their sleds and off they go

With their rosy cheeks an eyes all aglow

Building their snowman’s and igloos too

Then off to get cocoa and sit by the fire

Filling their hearts little desires

As night approaches and the stars shine bright

You can’t help but think of baby Jesus born on that fateful night

Here to bring hope and love to us all

So many beautiful memories this blanket of snow will recall!

~Natalie Blake


Now tell me some of your favorite winter memories


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I love this! ❄️


Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
Dec 17, 2020

From my walk today!


Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
Dec 17, 2020

What a beautiful picture Dreana ! I actually got out and walked today today!


My favorite memories is having the kids come in from outside playing in the snow and making them hot chocolate. I could feel the excitement & energy exude. Sometimes I was even out with them :-)💕

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