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Don't Wait

You never really know the impact you will have

On those that cross your path and the gifts they may grab

A smile to brighten the saddest of hearts

A “hello, how are you”? to bring them out of the dark

Maybe a compliment telling them how nice they look

This small little thing is as all that it took

You lifted them up and brightened their day

Made them look at life in a better way

So never take for granted the good seeds that you sow

They may change a person’s life and lead them down the right road

We were born to share the love that we have

Bring out our light for all to grab

So, when you think your smile didn’t mean much

Or when you give someone a loving touch

These tiny little seeds will cause a rippling effect

Spreading across the universe far and wide

Giving hope where darkness lies

So next time you see a stranger looking down

Be the one to adjust their crown

With a wave of your hand and a smile so bright

May be all that it takes to change their life

So don’t wait to do good and share your love

Just as the angels do from heaven above!

-Natalie Blake

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Ruth Downing
Ruth Downing
Jun 25, 2021

This is so powerful. We may never know, at least on this earth, how we have helped others just by being kind.

Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
Jun 25, 2021
Replying to

That is so true Ruth. I don’t know how many times someone was just extra nice to me on a day I really needed it. It made all the difference!

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