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Face your Fear (My mantra from Fierce Woman Inspirational)

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"Sometimes to face your fear you have to take one small step forward in faith and that will lead to the next step and before you know it you will have walked through your fear.”

All of my life I have felt as if God was calling me to become someone great; to bring forth that special gift that he planted deep inside of me a long time ago when he created me. Not that I’m anyone special because I feel he has put that special gift inside all of us! It’s our job here on earth to bring that gift, that light, that special talent forward for all too see. I was born in the month of May with the zodiac sign of a Taurus which makes me a bull. I would say I’m very much like the bull; very stubborn in nature and never liking change. The thought of change scares me to death but being stagnant scares me more! The thought of never trying a new adventure (even though it could fail ) scares me more than being complacent and safe. So many times I came to those two cross roads in life and had to make the tough decision on which way to go. The easy road or the hard road where everything looks dark and scary and where there is no promise that anything could work out.

When I get to this path I know I have to rely on my faith to make the right decision or my fear will take over. It’s funny how all the “what if’s” start popping up in your mind and before you know it you’re on a one way train ride to self-sabotage!

So I choose to get off that train and fly by faith! I let God take the steering wheel and I hop into the backseat. Is it scary? Hell yes, and do I always succeed? No, but I always learn a lesson from it and that keeps pushing me to the next level of where I’m supposed to be! It’s all about the journey and I truly believe if we keep moving forward, guided by that spark that God puts in us, then eventually we’ll get there!

I have not arrived yet but I do feel a spark in my heart to help other women rise up and bring forth their light for the world to see. My hope in writing this devotional is that you will connect with one of these lady's devotionals and it will help you to choose the right path, knowing you’re not alone in your journey! So go forth my friend and turn your inner spark into a full blown fire and be the “fierce” woman you were meant to be!

- Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you. Tell me your mantra that you live by and what makes you fierce!


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1 Comment

Beautiful Natalie! I love every word! Can’t wait for the devotional and daily inspiration! ❤️

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