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Fierce Woman Inspirational

The Fierce Woman Inspirational launches today!

Natalie Blake embarked on a journey with the mission to help women. Through her 20 years of owning her day spa, she has connected with numerous inspirational women where they have shared their life stories. These amazing stories have motivated Natalie to write this 52-week inspirational featuring inspiring women. Her book is designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage other women. In this book you will find ordinary women with extraordinary stories.

Have you faced challenges in your life and asked why me? You are not alone! Connect with 56 inspiring and fierce women as they share their stories that have gotten them through life’s most challenging moments. As you read these powerful stories you will realize you are not alone, but among a sisterhood of fierce women forging their way through this beautiful life.

Click the link below to order your book. A portion of all the sales will go to charities that combat sex trafficking.

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