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Life brings us friendships that come and go

Some last a lifetime and joyful memories they will sow

Some are short and last only a season

They’re here to teach us a lesson, there is always a reason

When these friends leave our life

We are filled with grief and great strife

We find it hard to understand

But always know God has a great plan

Our friend’s departure leaves us feeling betrayed

But when you truly look back, strong lessons were paved

So, choose to remember the good

The laughs, the conversations, the tough trials withstood

They were put there for a reason

To brighten your life’s season

Then there are friends that were meant for life

They are with you thru the good, the bad and the strife

Time slips away and years go by

You wonder where your friendships lie

But when you reconnect, it’s like you didn’t miss a beat

Your spiritual connection runs so deep

So, value all of life’s friendships that are brought your way

Grab your lessons and then go enjoy the day

People are brought on your path to help you advance

To make you grow and make you dance

So, don’t be sad when they go

You got to enjoy their spirit as you walked life’s road

Your friends for life will always be there

To make you smile and bring great cheer

Season and life friends are both needed for the lessons they will lend

To take us up and down and around life’s bends

Whatever time you may be in

Always remember to try and be a good friend!

-Natalie Blake


Now tell me about your special friend or moment you shared with a friend that means the world to you!


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