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Have You Thanked Your Farmer Today

Have you thanked your farmer today?

For all their hard work on the land their crops lay

They get up before the crack of dawn

Taking care of this beautiful land we live on

Working their fingers to the bone

Giving fruits of their labor to make a happy home

Back breaking work of bailing hay

To feed the animals throughout the day

Planting their crops and watching them grow

It will soon be harvest and time to feed the world we know

There is nothing like the features in a farmer’s face.

You see their pride and lines formed from the sun you can never erase.

They are the glue that holds this world together!

Giving us food from the heart and making the world a little better

So, thank your farmer for all their hard work

They're up before the bird’s chirp

It’s amazing to watch the seeds they sow

Turn into a bountiful harvest they are so proud to show!

-Natalie Blake


Do you know of a farmer that should be thanked for all their hard work? Let me know and comment below!


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Love it babe!!!

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