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Hope and Laughter are the Seeds I Sow

Life can be hard in this world that we know

When the storm hits, struggles and hurts it will blow

When the wind kicks up and has an unruly flow

There are two seeds I will choose to sow

So, when the wind blows these seeds around

They will scatter and dig deep into the ground

My seeds are hope and laughter that I sow

They can change your life and make you grow

And to our souls they so matter

Life looks a little brighter

Our heavy hearts a little lighter

The first is hope and how it flows like a river

Flowing beauty and peace like hope it delivers

Not seeing what is around the bend

Sometimes it’s scary not knowing what’s at the end

But just like hope it can lead to beautiful places

A waterfall or lake, creating a beautiful oasis

The second is laughter and how it rolls in like the ocean waves

Causing a ripple effect like laughter it spreads

Making us feel happy and getting us out of our head

Coming into the shore with a thunderous crash

You can’t help but wonder if that is their laugh

So, hope and laughter I choose to sow

Deep inside me they will grow

Spreading to all who are near

Giving the world much needed cheer

So, when your down, sow these seeds

Your life will change and at peace you will be!

-Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you! What seeds do you choose to sow and how does that make you feel?

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Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake

Nothing better than a big belly laugh with friends! I miss our girls night out. So looking forward to when we can do that again!


“Hope” is a big one for me! When we believe there is always hope, I feel the laughter comes 😍


Susie Schiering
Susie Schiering

I love to laugh! When I am feeling down I will watch a funny video or something to get me laughing. It makes me feel so much better:)

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