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I Surrender

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Am I just the sum of every high and every low?

Easily knocked down with the slightest of a wind blow

Wondering where my life went wrong and where it might go

Sadness is my friend never leaving me alone

Knocking on the door with its sorrowful little moan

I know there’s something deep inside me

He tells me to listen and I will see

He will guide me on the path that will make me free

When I’m sad, He says I am love

When I’m feeling down, He says look above

When I say I am weak, He says I will make you strong

You’re my child and you will always belong

Let me take you by the hand

I will guide you to the promised land

When you’re weak and cannot walk

I will carry you every step of the way

You’re my child, my love, the light of my day!

All I ask is that you surrender

Give me your heart aches and I will carry your load

Surrender your burdens and I will lead you down the right road

I will fight for you every day

So, think of me and constantly pray

A piece will come up on you that you can’t explain

A smile on your face, a happy life you will gain

He says to surrender it all!

He never wants to see me fall

But when I do, He will be close to me

Loving me like He always does

Carrying all my burdens from above

So, I surrender it all and let it go.

Trusting him when I feel low

Because I know there’s someone much bigger running my life’s show!

-Natalie Blake

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Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
Dec 24, 2020

Thanks Susan!


Susan Sheeran
Susan Sheeran
Dec 22, 2020

Wow that’s powerful ✝️


Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
Dec 22, 2020

Thank you my friend! 🥰


This is really truly beautiful


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