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It Takes One Person

It takes one person to change your life

To bring you out of depression that cuts like a knife

To believe in you when all seems lost

To fight for you at any cost

When we can’t be there for ourselves

When all is lost and no hope in sight

This person comes forging out of the dark night

To tell us we are worthy and are worth the fight

They say to step out of your box

Look at life from a different view

Look at everything as if it’s brand new

You can restart your life at any time

Today is the day I will make it mine

I will choose to believe I have the strength

The courage to muster on at any length

I will continue moving forward with a deep belief

That I am worth all that God made me to be

So thank you to my friend who believed in me

It helped me move forward when I could not see

We all have that someone special in our life

To push us forward and bring out our light

From this day forward I will believe in me

No judgment, no harsh words

I will just simply be

Bringing forth all my wonderful gifts God wants me to see!

-Natalie Blake


This poem is dedicated to an amazing woman named Jessica, who survived human trafficking, domestic violence, suicide and homelessness. She now helps to serve other woman and bring them comfort and hope through counseling! Thank you Jessica for all that you do!!


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So beautiful! Jessica way to turn your pain into purpose 💕

Replying to

I am eagerly waiting for my copy!

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