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Let Me See

Lord, let me see

Everything that you want me to be

Bring out the gifts that you created in me

The ones that will bring me peace and set me free

Help me to release everything that brings me down

That makes my soul sad and keeps me looking down

Let me raise my head to see your mighty crown

You have created so much beauty in this world all around

The tall, the short, the beautiful skin colors of us all

Imparting your gifts that one day you will recall

So, bring forth our light

Our seeds of greatness inside

Letting us know within us you reside

When we get down on our knees to pray

Let us know you are with us every step of the way

Leading us by the hand

No more will we fall on the slippery sand

Our roots will be planted deep into the ground

Birthing fruits of greatness and love all around!

-Natalie Blake

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