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My Love

I’m so thankful for the day

When God brought you my way

If I could describe what you mean to me

It would be so easy you see

That word would be home

With you I feel secure and never alone

Love all our adventures

And with you I will forever roam

Whether we are far away or in our comfy home

Exploring the world and all it has to see

You’re the person I want next to me

I can’t imagine one day without you by my side

Looking over at you and seeing your loving eyes!

So sweetheart, just so you know

You filled the part of me that was missing so long ago

It took a while for us to meet

But God had a plan for our destiny!

Now we move forward with our lovely life

All the new adventures together as husband and wife

There is only one thing I ask of you

Let me be the first to pass away

Because I never want to be without you one single day!

Your loving wife!

-Natalie Blake

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