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New Year Magic

I love the thought of a new year

The possibilities of magic that floats in the air

A chance to reset and dream big dreams

Oh, the possibilities the new year will bring

As I look back over the past year

I reminisce about all the moments so dear

The special time spent with family and friends

The ornery laugh from my granddaughter and her mischievous grin

The past year wasn’t easy by any means

The COVID virus brought much hardship to the world

Making us rethink our priorities and sending our thoughts in a twirl

But as life goes on like it always does

We try to grab the small blessings from above

The newfound closeness spent with family at home

The new adventures created when we were forced to be alone

Now I look forward to the new year

Hoping God will heal the world and bring much-needed cheer

Cherishing my time with loved ones and always hold them near

Dreaming my dreams and hopes I will gather

Knowing that relationships and love are all that really matter

So, wishing you a new year full of blessing

Gaining knowledge from all life’s lessons

So, raise your glass this new year

To anything that you hold dear

Your life awaits you so grab it by the horns

You never know what magnificent memories will be born!

-Natalie Blake

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