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Ode to the Trees

As I walk down this long lane

I see a row of trees swaying in the wind

And look far in the distance and see a lonely tree at the end

I thought about life as I thought about the trees

How we bend and sway to the breeze

But the lonely tree at the end did not move to the wind

I thought that small little tree at the end

Is not as beautiful as the tree I saw blowing in the wind

I wanted to stay in the moment of the first trees

Admiring their beauty and the leaves

Why should I walk down the whole row of trees?

When all the beauty was here to please

But as life forces change and we must grow

I forced myself to walk the row

As I neared the little tree

I was totally shocked at it dancing in the breeze

I almost missed the beautiful site

Because just like life, we stop because of fright

We need to keep moving even when things are not in plain site

Or the fear will paralyze us and keep us from the light

So, the lesson here my friend

Is to keep pushing through until the end

Walk the lane of life

And see the beauty not the strife!

- Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you! When in your life have you become paralyzed due to fright but when you moved forward despite the fear, you realized it wasn't so bad.


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