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Oh How I love the Fall

Oh, how I love the fall

It is such a magical time for all

You know the minute it is here

By the wonderful fall smells wafting in the air

It is like Mother Nature came to paint her masterpiece

Kissing the earth with beautiful colors she will release

Her brush the wind as it blows and creates

Giving us a new canvas, we will await

The green leaves in the trees so high

Change to beautiful colors before our eyes

They paint a beautiful canvas against the blue skies

Yet another masterpiece nature provides

The wind whips up once again

We smell the wood fires and the fun begins

Friends are gathering for a light affair

With their comfy sweaters and warm attire

They laugh and drink cider while enjoying the warm fire

Once again, I hear the wind blow

I see the leaves moving to and fro

It’s like their dancing to the wind

Their beautiful colors have no end

Twirling and swirling, putting on a show

Perfectly orchestrated by Mother Nature you know

-Natalie Blake

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Fall has so much to offer - I think it is the favorite season of most people - I love everything about it.

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