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One Day

Why do we always say one day?

We are getting serious no more play

We will decide to make our dreams come true

And do everything we’ve been intending to do!

We will have no fear when that day comes

Determined, we will pull out all our guns

Nothing will stop us this day

Not even the desire to have fun and play

So, when should we start this day?

Monday sounds good I say

We prepare and get ready the night before

Thinking and planning to walk through that new door

Monday comes and we do our best

We wake up on Tuesday and loose our zest

What happened to all that drive and ambition?

And why can’t we bring our dreams to fruition

Our mind is such a powerful tool

It tweaks and tunes our body and soul

So, when it gets to Tuesday and your ambition fades

Turn to your soul where all is made

Follow this spirit your maker gave you

It will guide and lead you when your mind forsakes you

God will never leave you alone

He wants you to live an amazing life until you come back home!

-Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you. How do you stick to your goals and dreams when you start to loose you drive and motivation? Any tricks up your sleeve?


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Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
Feb 08, 2021

Thanks for sharing Susie! Yes I think it’s important to always keep the why in the forefront of your mind!


Susie Schiering
Susie Schiering
Feb 03, 2021

I first need to catch myself slipping away from my dreams as it is a sneaky thing lol! Then when I do catch it, I just refocus on my why to get back going:)

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