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Sleep Little Girl

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When I lay my head on my bed at night My thoughts start to run and there is no sleep in sight Worries and anxieties throughout the day Slowly creep in and start to dance and play Oh, how I just want to sleep and rest But my mind has other intentions that are not always for my best So, I pray to the lord above to give me peace  To silence this powerful and unruly beast He looks at me with the most loving smile And says let go of your worries and rest my child I am the lord of peace I will carry your burdens tonight you will see The burdens you carry will soon flee He tells me to think of beautiful things from above Let your mind be consumed with peace and love So, I go to my happy place where I float on clouds  Surrounded by water and beautiful sounds The angels float by me sending me their love  Letting me know they’re always watching me from above A sense of peace slowly consumes me I am at home again you see The lord took my burdens and let my mind be free He says to me sleep little girl for I have you in my sight I will watch over you and carry you through the night You're my daughter and I love thee So, sleep little girl and let your mind be free -Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you! What rituals do you have at night that help you to get a peaceful nights sleep?


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