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Spring Is In The Air

You can always tell when spring is near

You can smell the crisp cleanness of the air

The winter has removed its blanket of snow

Preparing the ground for new seeds to grow

Leaving the cast of browns and grays

Soon mother nature will cast its colorful gaze

Little sprouts of green will soon appear

Budding flowers are oh so near

The birds start chirping in utter delight

The squirrels chase each other in a furious flight

Oh, how I love all the new beginnings

The washing away of all the old endings

There is newness everywhere

In my heart and in the air

Soon people come out to gaze

At all the loveliness Mother Nature has made

Kids break free from their long winter inside

They run and play all bright eyed

Exploring their world in a curious way

Oh, how I looked forward to this new day

So, let joy burst forth like the flowers in the spring

Just like the birds who love to sing

Break free from that wintery womb

It’s time to live your life in full bloom!

-Natalie Blake


No I want to hear from you. What does spring mean to you and how does it make you feel?


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2 commenti

I love this! I’ve been enjoying the songs of birds for weeks! Spring to me is a time of refreshing my body & home!

Mi piace
Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
14 mar 2021
Risposta a

I agree! As weird as this might sound I love to spring clean🤣🤣

Mi piace
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