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Stand Tall Little Girl

Updated: May 5, 2021

There once was a little girl who sat in her room

Starring out at the spring flowers in full bloom

Off in the distance she could see a big, beautiful oak tree

Oh, how she just wanted to climb it and be free

But her spirit had been broken and her heart was sad

For she was being bullied by the girls at school

They got into her head and were very cruel

As tears rolled down her face

Her mother came into the room with such beauty and grace

She looked at her daughter and gave her a huge hug

Told her she comes from royalty above

She said to look at the oak tree with all its crevices and curves

How it twists and turns and with each storm it swerves

If it would have given into the first windfall

It wouldn’t have grown so beautiful and tall

There will always be bullies in your life

To cut you down and bring much strife

But learn to weather the storm and you will see

That you can bend and turn like the beautiful oak tree

So, the little girl wiped her tears

No longer would she be paralyzed by the fear

Out the door she ran to the tree

Saying this is the day I will be free

Up the tree she climbed

Listening to melodies the birds would chime

With every branch she climbed higher

Her soul was lifted, and she felt inspired

When she got to the top of the tree

She finally realized she was free

As she sat and looked around

She listened to all the beautiful sounds

With the swipe of her hand, she adjusted her crown

Never would she let this world get her down

Sitting like a princess at the top of the tree

She knew this was who God made her to be

At this moment she knew she would always stand tall

Just like the oak tree shining her beauty to all!

-Natalie Blake

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Ruth Downing
Ruth Downing
May 05, 2021

Beautiful words, Natalie. Thank you.

Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake
May 05, 2021
Replying to

So glad you like it!

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