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Sun Thru My Window

Oh, how I love the sun shining in my window so bright

It puts the biggest smile on my face seeing this beautiful light

I feel the warmth as it trickles in

Thinking of all the fun as my day begins

My thoughts start to dance and sing

Knowing what fun, the sun will bring

I wonder what God was thinking when he made that big, beautiful sun

Did It remind him somewhat of where he comes from

The sun gives so much warmth, growth, beauty, and light

Just like heaven a magnificent site

It causes everything to grow making nature beautiful and lush

When the rays of the sun touch the leaves, they almost seem to blush

Kids laugh and play in its warm topical glow

The birds sing and fly to and fro

So, when the sun comes out, go and play

Soak in its big, beautiful rays

Sit by the water and see its glistening light

Watch how the sun turns the sand into diamonds that shine bright

But most of all look at the children and the big smiles on their face

I wonder if this is why God shines the sun on this earthly place

Don’t waste a minute, enjoy the warm rays

Grab life by the horns and seize the day

You never know how long you will have the sun light

So, run and play for it soon will be night

- Natalie Blake

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