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The Crown

Updated: Jan 15

What if we looked at life as if it’s our last day?

We decided to do everything we’ve put on delay

We Crushed everything that blocked our path

On with our life

Our dreams at last

No longer will fear hold us down

For we come from royalty

Our lord and his almighty crown

He sends us gifts to bring forth

A glorious spirit he wants to see soar

So beautiful girl adjust your crown

Don’t let this world get you down

When your crown starts to slip

And you’re having your darkest day

Remember whose daughter you are

And the price that he paid

Be the woman who fixes another’s crown

When she is feeling lonely or down

While never letting the world know it was at a slight tilt

You lifted her up and her strength was rebuilt

So, go forth and be the queen you were meant to be

Hold your chin high and don’t let it dip

Look to the one who won't let you slip

For when you take your eyes off him

That is when your crown may tip!

-Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you. How have you lifted up your fellow sister in this life and boosted her spirits? How did that make you feel?


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