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The Strong One

Why is it that I always must be?

The strength, the strong one for the world to see

Not letting anyone ever see the real me

All these feelings swirling deep inside

Who am I?

But in my world, I will hide

I will be the best at work, at the top of my game

I will be the shoulder to lean on when my friends are feeling pain

I will be the best wife and stepmom you ever did see

The rock for my family, an unshakable tree

When they need a lending hand

I’ll give them my heart

Not thinking twice, my love I will depart

How long can I be at the top of my game?

Never showing emotion and ignoring the pain

Just as life teaches us hard lessons to grow

Mine came swift, in a moment you know

I lost my sister in a car crash

The devastation, the heartache

How long will it last?

But I become the strong one once again

The rock for my family, the strength, the friend

Oh, how I just want to run and hide

Be the little girl who gets to cry

Then I’m reminded of my sister and her beautiful life

She tells me it’s ok, don’t carry all this strife!

Life is short and if you learn one lesson from me

Sister it’s ok, just to be!

Live your life and let it all go

There's so much more to this word, I now know

Let that beautiful soul come out and play

Learn to cry and let someone else make your day

It’s ok to be the rock sometimes

But learn to be the sand between your toes

All those beautiful places those tiny pieces go

Your life is meant to be lived

So, go my sister and dream big

Learn to be you and just do what you love

Life will be magnificent!

I will be smiling on you from above

-Natalie Blake


Who do you know that shows incredible strength and what is special about them?


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Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake

I dedicated this poem to my good friend who lost her sister.


Natalie Blake
Natalie Blake

Aww thank you Ruth!


Ruth Downing
Ruth Downing

I love this Natalie.

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