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When Hard Times End

When hard times finally come to an end

When the stress lets up and you can feel your body bend

New energy and thoughts come swirling in

Your body feels lighter, almost thin

The weight of the world has been lifted

Peace and happiness your soul is gifted

Tears of joy come rushing in

You survived the heartache, you learned to bend

Strength is born in these hard times

Your broken wings learn to fly

What was broken into a million pieces

Will come together in a beautiful mosaic for all it reaches

All the rough edges of this beautiful art

Was brought together to heal your heart

If we stay true to ourselves and forge thru the fear

Our soul will heal, and the masterpiece will appear

Hard times are often a blessing in disguise

They make us grow and make us rise

Tiptoe if you must in the right direction

Because the smallest step will bring your biggest life lesson

When your joy has come to stay

Share it with another and make their day

We are put here to lift each other up

To receive all Gods gifts from his overflowing cup!

-Natalie Blake

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