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When It's Time To Move Forward

When it’s time to move forward and you're filled with doubt

You haven’t quite figured what this world is about

Your journey begins with the smallest of steps

A choice to move past all life’s regrets

When paralyzed by all the what if’s

Anxiety builds and your body becomes stiff

How do you know if it’s the right move?

Will everyone disapprove?

That’s when it’s time to take a deep breath

Step back for a moment away from the mess

Turn to your soul being who always knows best

Sometimes life’s greatest adventures are not as bright as a star

They lie right before you in the deep dark

Scary and unknowingly they pull you in

Taunting you to move forward saying there is light around the bend

Will you be brave enough to take the hard path?

Or will you stay stuck in a life of regret and its wrath

I say move forward my friend

There is nothing more beautiful than a life well lived

Using your gifts that God was so gracious to give!

When the day comes to move forward again

Put a big smile on and say, “world I’m jumping in!”

Knowing God always has your back

Shining the light on your dark path

To guide you to something better and new

So glad I moved forward with my dreams that came true!

-Natalie Blake

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