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“Be The fierce woman you were meant to be!"

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

So, you say you are not a fierce woman? I beg to differ! Deep down inside all of us there is a fierceness, a strong woman, a gladiator that fights battles we thought we could never get through!

We are stronger than we think; beautiful on the inside even though we are so hard on our outside; givers to everyone in our lives leaving ourselves for last. We are smart, brave and courageous. When life calls for courage, we are willing to muster all our strength to fight for the people that we love and the life we want to live!

Hello everyone, my name is Natalie Blake and I am the author of “The Fierce Woman Inspirational” a book dedicated to inspirational, empowering and fierce woman who tell their stories of what makes them tick and get through life.

In my profession as a day spa owner, I get the privilege of meeting beautiful women every day. I also get the privilege of listening and giving encouragement to these women as well as receiving great advice. What I have learned over the years from these beautiful women is that what you see at first when you meet them is way different from who they really are. I have come to learn that these positive, dynamic, energetic and beautiful women inside and out have been through horrendous circumstances. Because of the circumstances, it made them learn and grow and become the beautiful, strong and fierce woman that they are today.

These ladies have become my mentors, my teachers and my strength in facing my own challenges in life.

When the book releases in the fall, my hope is for you to form a connection with another lady’s experience that might help you through your own life struggles. Each week, the inspirational story will be written by a different woman sharing her life experiences and how she overcame struggles to be the fierce woman she is today.

The book is also a journal so after each devotional you will have space to reflect and write down your own challenges and fears and how you can choose to change your mindset and rewrite your story.

We are not alone but we have a sisterhood of fierce women that we can connect, learn and grow with!

Let’s Connect. Tell me something about yourself in the comment section below, by answering, “How are you a fierce woman?”

Love to all and “be the fierce woman you were meant to be!”

- Natalie Blake


Now I want to hear from you. What is your mantra and what makes you a fierce woman?


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