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Many Faces

Have you ever really looked into a person’s face?

The lines and features that time has placed

They tell a story that can never be erased

The lines, the curves, and textures weave a story

A life filled with happiness, hurts, or worries

They all may hold secrets deep inside

But on the face their stories reside

Those pesky crow’s feet, how they make me mad

But then I think of all my laughing and it makes me glad

The deep lines between my eyes, oh how I despise!

But then I realized how it formed to my surprise

The happy tears when I had my son

My wedding day, oh the fun

The biggest hugs from my granddaughter

The laughter and moments with family and friends

So many special times I will carry to my end

The saddest faces that I see

Are when people don’t smile back at me

I know they must have a hurt deep inside

A pain caused from life that makes them hide

So I figured the best thing that I can do

Is smile bright and say, “hello, how are you?”

If I’m lucky that frown will turn into a smile

I’ll see a twinkle in their eye, even if it’s only for a little while

So next time you see a stranger with a sad face

Give them a big smile that time can’t erase

It only takes one person you know

To be the difference that helps them grow

So, appreciate your lines my friend

They tell your story until the end

-Natalie Blake


Tell me what does your face tell about you?


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