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The Swaying Tree

Updated: May 4, 2023

As I walked on this beautiful day

I noticed how the trees bent and swayed

It’s as if they were playing in the wind

Twisting and twirling to no end

I noticed the limbs at the top of the tree

They bend and turn more graciously

As if they were kids playing so happily

Dancing and singing for the world to see

The middle limbs didn’t move as much

But still danced around with a more serious touch

They must have been the parents you see

Watching out for their kids so carefully

The lowest limbs were big and strong

They barely moved to the wind’s song

I thought to myself these must be

The grandparents who support the whole tree

Keeping all the limbs safe and sound

Imparting their wisdom from roots deep in the ground

But most of all what I really saw

Is how this tree shared its gifts with us all

It provided a home for the singing birds to play

Shade from the sun on a hot summer day

Beautiful foliage in the fall

A brilliant sight as it stands so strong and tall

But most of all a theatrical show

As it moved and danced to the strong wind blows

How great life would be

If we could learn to sway like the tree!

-Natalie Blake

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