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Missing Home

Have you ever felt like you’re missing home?

A place far away that is not of your own

You have a yearning desire deep down inside

To be home with your maker where you permanently reside

It’s like there are memories buried deep inside

To stir your heart and make you wise

Like little seeds he planted so deep

So, in your heart they will keep

Sprouting small memories like little blooms

Oh, how I want to be home soon

All the immense treasures from Heaven above

Are buried in these little seeds of love

God buried them so deep, we will never forget

Where we are going and where we will live

So, I will live in peace in my earthly home

Until one day in Heaven I will roam

Thinking of meeting my heavenly maker

Makes me smile knowing I’ll be home with my savior

-Natalie Blake


Have you ever felt like you were missing home? Please share your thoughts.


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