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Myla My Love

Myla my love 

You’re an angel from above

Your beautiful smile melts my heart 

Oh, how I miss you when we are apart

Your ornery laugh makes me laugh too! 

It’s infectious and loud as it fills the room

You can’t help but smile as your inner light blooms 

Your inquisitive nature makes you run and play

Oh how you live for the day!

Exploring nature in your own curious way 

Jumping,  running and laughing all the way

Your beauty is so unique 

Your golden brown hair so curly and sleek

Your olive skin, kissed by the sun 

A constant smile, showing how you live for fun

But the best part of it all

Is being your Gigi and the love that I feel 

My heart, you definitely steal!

I hope we’re  always best friends

Until I reach my end

Then I will watch over you from above 

Casting upon you all my love!

-Natalie Blake / Gigi 


#Mylapoem #Mylamylove #Gigi

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