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To New Beginnings

Have you ever thought about restarting your life?

The magic it could bring with a new vision in site

So scary it is to begin brand new

The life you will leave behind

All the memories it brought to you

Look forward to all that you can do

The new memories, the dreams

The things you were so scared to pursue

This life you thought would never come true

But what if you dared to dream of everything magnificent to you!

Take one step to manifest this dream

Look at all the possibilities that it could bring

The life you always wanted will unfold before your eyes

No longer will you fear all the lies

You only get one chance in this life, so go

Plant the seeds you were meant to grow

Break free and step out of your box

The life you want is waiting to be unlocked

Jump forward into this new adventure without any fear

The life you create will be oh so clear

Think of everything you want to do

Then plan to make your dreams come true!

-Natalie Blake


What new beginnings have you thought you might want to pursue but let fear keep you from moving forward?


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